Cicom Busking Competition Entries | Casino Beef Week

The Cicom Busking Competition is now open for entries.

Please fill in the below form to submit an entry to this year’s competition.

New Prize Categories have been announced this year with an increase in prize money across all performers.

All winners will perform on Friday during Breakfast with the Butchers as well as being given the chance for a PAID performance at the Casino Over 50’s Lifestyle Village Beef Week Saturday

CategoryPrize MoneyOpen Age Group – Over 18$400 / $200 / $100Junior Age Group – Under 18$200 / $100 / $50Indigenous Performer/s$200People’s Choice$200

Contact Details – Must be over 18 years of age.

Competition Information – May be publicly displayed

Brief Description of Performance

Is this an Indigenous Performance

Performance Times

Please select at least three performance times, remember this is a busking contest, so the more performances you have, the more donations you are likely to get.

Wednesday 25th of May 2022

Thursday 26th of May 2022

Review and Submit

You have selected the following performance times

The contact person for this application must be over 18 and will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions on behalf of all members in the act.

Applications will close at 4.30p.m. on Sunday 15th of May 2020.

Once all applications are received you will be notified by email your performance location so please check your emails regularly.

Entry to the competition is Free and I understand no payment is guaranteed other then the winners of selected categories

All entrants must perform a minimum of 30 minutes on minimum 3 days from Monday to Thursday

Please note display, promotion, marketing or sale of any political or contentious items is not permissible. The Casino Beef Week Promotions Committee Inc, at its total discretion, reserves the right to refuse entry to the competition for the display of any items deemed to breach this clause. Failure to comply may result in being asked to cease any future performances.

For the purposes of the competition, ‘busking’ is defined as playing a musical instrument and/or singing, conjuring, juggling, mime, dance, puppetry, performance art and other appropriate theatrical and visual forms as approved by the Council for no payment or reward, other than donations from the public or prizes won.

Your entry into Casino Beef Week Busking Competion means you AGREE to having photographs and video taken of your person and or performance in part or in whole. Casino Beef Week Promotions Committee reserve the rights to use this for purposes in the promotion of Casino and Casino Beef Week and or use by a third party in relation to promotion of beek week for perpetuity.

No electrical equipment/outlets will be supplied except for playing on stage on Friday, 27th May 2021.

I am entering the Indigenous Section of the competiton, I acknowldge that I (or the performers) are of Australian Aboriginal Descent

Please read and accept the above terms and conditions

Author: Pamela Jenkins